Playing Casino Games in South Dakota

South Dakota may not be well known for its gambling today, but it is home to some of the most famous gambling related stories in the US. Deadwood was well known for its gambling activity, especially poker and is the place where the infamous Wild Bill Hickok was shot dead in Saloon number 10 while playing poker. His hand of aces and eights became known in the game as the dead mans hand. Now in fact, Deadwood is the only place in South Dakota that you may play casino games in a land based casino outside of Indian owned land and is still home to some colorful characters. By law, building in Deadwood must be kept in the style of the authentic 1880’s architecture and many of the casinos are to be found in the historic buildings. Licensing is strict in South Dakota and licensees are permitted only 30 slot machines per building and no business is allowed to hold more than 3 licenses. There is also a maximum bet on any game of $100, and this ruling applies to the Indian owned casinos too.

Land Based Casinos in South Dakota

In South Dakota you will most definitely not find the bright lights of Las Vegas. However, when playing casino games in this fine state, you will find a fantastic old style theme that is adored by tourists and locals alike. Casinos in Deadwood have kept that style running and it’s a refreshing change to the modern casino, which of course offer a totally different experience. If you are looking for something a little more traditional then playing casino games in South Dakota is for you. It’s a famous old town and in fact one of the casinos, the Midnight Star is owned by the famous Hollywood actor Kevin Costner. The Midnight Star is typical of a Deadwood casino experience and offers you the chance to sample the extravagance of an era gone by. There are however a few modern touches that include a sports bar and a fine restaurant and you may enjoy blackjack and three card poker in the chandelier lit casino area. Miss Kitty’s is another great example, serving up traditional food in Wild Bill’s Bar and Steakhouse and some fantastic surroundings with a wide variety of slots. South Dakota and Deadwood in particular offer you the chance to play casino games in an amazing setting and it’s one of the few places in the world where you will get this. For this reason, Deadwood is extremely popular with tourists and the casinos, bars and restaurants provide many jobs and a great revenue stream for the community.

Online Casinos for Residents of South Dakota

There are no laws against playing in an online casino for residents of South Dakota, and many residents of this fine state regularly do just that. They will be welcomed at the many online casinos that accept them and they have plenty of choice. When choosing an online casino there will always be welcome bonuses on offer and regular ongoing promotions, competitions and some great rewards, and let’s not forget the vast amount of online casino games that you will find. There is absolutely everything and all tastes are catered for. Table games are very popular and you’ll be offered blackjack, roulette, craps, casino war, baccarat and plenty more, and the choice of online slots is simply astounding. You’ll find slots of every theme, with 3 reel traditional style slots, the visually stunning 5 reel modern video slots and of course those huge progressive jackpot slots that can pay out life changing amounts of money. Many residents of South Dakota regularly login and enjoy all that online casinos have to offer and these safe and secure state of the art offerings are a great alternative to the awesome land based casinos of South Dakota.

Casino Games in South Dakota Summary

South Dakota and Deadwood in particular offer something very special when it comes to playing casino games in their beautiful land based establishments. It’s a real special feeling playing blackjack in such historic surroundings, especially for a casino games fan, and long may this continue. Residents also have the online casino option, and although in many ways this can’t compete with what’s on offer in South Dakota, it is a great alternative and there are plenty of different casino games to play.