Playing Casino Games in South Carolina

Playing casino games in South Carolina is sadly almost impossible due to the fact that the laws have not changed since 1802. Therefore, as you can imagine this means that by law, the state will not allow land based casinos. There is plenty of effort in changing this antiquated law, however at present casino games fans will have to take an interstate trip to get their fill of land based casino entertainment. As you will read below, there are a few alternatives such as jumping on a gambling cruise ship or playing in an online casino and these two options are very good ones to have with the cruise ships offering some great days out and online casinos providing state of the art, safe and secure casino action from the comfort of your own South Carolina home!

Land Based Casino in South Carolina

As mentioned, there are none, however we can take a look at the two cruise ships that operate from the state of South Carolina that do a great job of providing an alternative. These ships will take you out for the day and these thriving offshore casinos housed in large yachts provide some outstanding casino games and luxurious surroundings. The state of South Carolina permits for two ships to be based in the small town of Little River and these set sail into international waters where it is perfectly fine to play casino games whilst onboard. The SunCruz Aquasino is a large 220 foot long floating casino that will take you on a 5 hour long gambling cruise and offers casino table games such as blackjack, craps as well as a poker room and a huge amount of slots, 320 in fact. There is also great entertainment, and you’ll be provided with a free lunch as part of the trip and free drinks whilst at the tables or slots. The Big M Casino sails from Myrtle Beach in South Carolina and Florida and is an outstanding casino. On board you will find Las Vegas style gambling and games such as blackjack, roulette, let it ride, 3 card poker and plenty of new slots titles. There’s an all day free buffet, a loyalty club and great entertainment. So, as you can see, while there are no land based casinos in South Carolina, at least there is an option available to residents and tourists, and it’s a fun one too. The only down side to the yacht casinos is that you do have to make a day trip of it and can’t simply pop in as and when you choose, however it is a pretty good day trip, especially for casino games players in the fine state of South Carolina.

Online Casinos for Residents of South Carolina

As we have mentioned, there have been no law changes regarding gambling, apart from the legalization of video poker, which didn’t last long in the state and is now not permitted. This means however that there are absolutely no laws against playing in an online casino, and residents of South Carolina have plenty to choose from. Online casinos offer a vast array of games with more variety than most land based establishments and there’s always plenty of bonuses and rewards on offer too. Upon signing up you will always be rewarded with a generous welcome bonus on your initial deposit and this gets you off to a great start when you begin playing real money online casino games. You will also receive regular reload bonuses, loyalty programs, competitions and monthly special. The choice of games in unreal and you’ll find plenty of varieties of blackjack, roulette, craps, baccarat, Caribbean stud, let it ride, casino war and plenty more. When it comes to slots you will find such a huge amount with great themes and all types of online slots including modern 5 reel video slots with amazing graphics and animation, 3 reel classic slots and slots that offer huge progressive jackpots. Residents of South Carolina regularly login and enjoy these great online casinos.

Casino Games in South Carolina Summary

In summary things are not as bad as they could be for residents of South Carolina as the two yacht casinos somewhat make up for the lack of real land based establishments. The floating casinos have their good points, however they do involve a day trip. Playing online is a great option and many South Carolina Residents enjoy this on a regular basis.