Playing Casino Games in Vermont

Vermont at this point in time is not a great place to be for playing casino games in land based casinos as in fact there is nothing like what you would consider to be a casino. There is however a bill that has been created by the lawmakers in Vermont that may change this. There is a proposal for a new Gaming Commission to be introduced in the state that will regulate all kinds of gaming. We are yet to see what type of gaming activities may arise from this, if indeed any, and online gambling has of yet not been mentioned. Playing online casino games appears to be just fine so let’s take a look at the rather limited options for playing casino game in the state of Vermont.

Land Based Casinos in Vermont

As mentioned there is nothing like what we would call a traditional casino in the state of Vermont and many residents leave the state and visit New York or Massachusetts to play casino games. The only legal gambling options to be found in the state of Vermont are those held by charitable organizations and non profit groups that have been in existence for more than one year, and they will 100% not offer casino games such as blackjack or roulette! You may find the occasional game of bingo or a social card game but sadly for casino games fans that is about all, unless you play casino games online.

Online Casinos for Residents of Vermont

It may be impossible to play casino games in land based establishments in the state of Vermont but that’s not the case should you wish to play online. There is no law against online gambling in Vermont and many residents do just that. There are plenty of online casino that welcome residents and offer plenty of options such as table games, online slots, skill games and some now even offer live dealer games, which really do add to the feeling of being in a casino. Not only do these state of the art, safe and secure casinos offer a fantastic array of games but they will also offer welcome bonuses, regular promotions and will reward you for your loyalty. Online casinos provide a great option for states like Vermont where there is simply nowhere available to enjoy casino games in a land based casino.

Casino Games in Vermont Summary

To sum up there is only the one option in Vermont where playing casino games in concerned and that is to use an online casino. It will be interesting to see if the gaming commission if formed and indeed what their plans for gaming in Vermont are. Gambling in many states usually divides public opinion for one reason or another but there is no doubt that it does provide a good revenue stream for the state and indeed creates plenty of new local jobs.