Playing Casino Games in Texas

Although the most popular variety of poker, Texas Hold’em, is named after the state, sadly Texas is actually one of the worst states of the union when it comes to enjoying casino games. There is in fact, just the one land based casino in the state and you will only find electronic games. The only legal forms of gambling in the state are the state lottery parimutuel wagering on horses and greyhounds, charitable bingo pull tabs and raffles. As you can see playing casino games is a big no in Texas and the only option residents of the state have is to enjoy casino games in an online casino, of which there are many to choose from. Here, we’ll take a look at why there are such limited options in one of the largest states in the US, along with the online options.

Land Based Casinos in Texas

The only land based casino available to residents of the state of Texas is the Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino and Hotel. Considering the limits that are placed on what this fine establishment can offer it does in fact do a great job and you’ll find over 2,750 electronic games. Most of these will of course be slots, but you will also find video poker too. There’s a great sports bar and plenty of dining options and the one thing that is surprising is that they offer the Players Club which is a loyalty and rewards program. It’s a great place and it’s a pity there aren’t more around as residents from near and far flock to the Kickapoo.

There is a large amount of anti gambling sentiment in Texas and this stems from ethical and religious objections, along with the fact that Texas is a wealthy state and does not need the extra revenue that the legalization would bring. If Texas did need the money, then it’s pretty fair to say that the anti gambling sentiment would quickly be replaced by something else, however this does not seem likely in the near future. There have been many attempts by lawmakers to introduce Vegas style casino to the state, and the latest in April 2013, failed in exactly the same way as all previous bills. It’s estimated that $2.5 billion a year is taken out of the state by residents for gambling in nearby states and this is hitting the horse racing industry in the state very hard and most proposals have focused on turning horse tracks into Racino styled resorts. Whilst there is always plenty of support for the bills it really is an ongoing issue and proponents of such bills are saying that they are getting closer each year. For residents of Texas, playing casino games in a land based casino may be a while coming.

Online Casinos for Residents of Texas

Playing casino games may be problematic for Texans unless they travel interstate, however they do have the fantastic option of playing their casino games of choice in one of the many online casinos that welcome them with open arms. Online casinos will provide all types of casino games that you can think and these will include blackjack, roulette, craps, baccarat, casino war and plenty more. If you enjoy playing slots then online casinos serve up a vast array of uniquely themed slots of all variety, including 3 reel classic, 5 reel video slots and progressive jackpot slots. Residents of Texas will also find that they are treated to plenty of special rewards in online casinos, such as generous welcome bonuses, ongoing promotions, competitions and plenty more. Theses state of the art offering are safe and secure and provide online entertainment for thousands of Lone Star State residents who login and enjoy all that is on offer on a regular basis.

Casino Games in Texas Summary

As you can see it’s a very mixed bag when it come to playing casino games in the state of Texas and whilst residents will not find anything in the form of land based casinos, they do have the option of playing in an online casino and thousands of people do this week in week out. Maybe there will be law changes in the coming years regarding the building and legalization of land based casinos however religious groups will continue to strongly oppose them.

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