Playing Casino Games in Washington State

Washington State is extremely friendly toward casino games players and when it comes to gambling within its borders they will have no problem at all in finding a land based casino. Washington State has compacts in place with Native American Tribes meaning that on Indian owned land you will find modern state of the art casinos as well as smaller operations. These laws are similar to those in place in many states across the Union and mean that the casinos provide employment and entertainment for residents of the state. There are of course arguments both for and against gambling in every single state, however rules are rules and as they stand in the State of washington, gambling is permitted. Online gambling is a tricky area in Washington State however and unlike most other states there is actually a law that prohibits it, a law that in fact makes online gambling a felony. A present there is much debate around this and an ongoing battle to drop this somewhat ridiculous law, however, again, laws are laws. This means that although some residents of Washington State do play online, they do so of their own choice, and whilst we know of no-one ever being charged with playing in an online casino, that rule is in place, and we have more on that as you continue reading.

Land Based Casinos in Washington State

As we have mentioned there are plenty of land based casinos in Washington State and you'll find plenty of variety. Although there are many smaller facilities you will also find larger casino resort style properties that offer plenty more than casino games entertainment. One of the largest and the best land based casinos in Washington State is the Tulalip Resort Casino. The Tulalip offers everything that a quality casino resort should and you'll find great entertainment and dining as well as over 2,000 of the newest and best slots. There's also over 50 gaming tables that offer blackjack, 3 card poker, baccarat, roulette and craps all in a beautiful 192,000 square foot gaming room, let's not forget the amazing poker room too which holds daily games and tournaments. There's also the Quilceda Creek Casino which offers some stunning facilities and a great selection of slots and table games. There's plenty more too including the Emerald Queen Casino and the outstanding Northern Quest Casino which hosts performances by some of the biggest names in show business. Washington State has really embraced land based casinos, and they provide a whole lot more than just casino games which means plenty of quality entertainment and some great experiences for residents and tourists alike.

Online Casinos in Washington State.

As we have mentioned, Washington State is one of the very few states of the Union that has actually made it illegal to play in an online casino. There are casinos that will cater for players from Washington state and they will offer great games such as blackjack, roulette, craps, baccarat and plenty of online slots, however be reminded that lawmakers in Washington State have actually taken the time to put this into the penal code, however we are not aware of anyone ever being charged with this so called crime. The ball, as they say, is in your court.

Playing Casino Games in Washington State Summary

As you can see, Washington State is a mixed bag when it comes to playing casino games and enjoying casino style entertainment. One one hand you have the fantastic land based casinos that will offer a whole lot more than casino action, and on the other you have some very harsh laws in place when playing in an online casino.