Thanksgiving Bonuses and Slots

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One of my favorite holidays is Thanksgiving. Perhaps it is yours, too. It seems as if we just celebrated Halloween, and now we look forward to Thursday, November 24, when we celebrate one of the most popular holidays (besides Christmas) of the year. Thanksgiving is a day when we give thanks for all that we have been given. Perhaps you tell the story of the very first Thanksgiving to your children. Needless to say, it is a special day for most people. But in my home, the most fun is preparing for the day. Purchasing the Thanksgiving turkey, deciding what side dishes will be prepared, friends and relatives bringing their own recipes to the feast, and so much more.

What Are Your Favorite Side Dishes?

For me, it is yams, cranberry sauce, chestnuts, dessert of any kind, and of course, the turkey. Usually we have antipasto before the Turkey. It is an Italian tradition. But we can't eat too much of that delicious fare, because the turkey is the star of the show. After the antipasto, everyone settles down and watches football. Then later on, the table is reset for the turkey dinner with all the side dishes as well. Perhaps this year, I will make cornbread stuffing. The menu for this feast varies from year to year, but the turkey remains the most important part of the Thanksgiving feast.

Thanksgiving Bonuses: Another Way to Celebrate

As you know, every year our online casinos for US players have special bonuses. We would like you to be able to take advantage of these Thanks giving bonuses by checking the list below. At Thanksgiving, our US casinos go all out to welcome new members and to reward them with special gifts.

Thanksgiving Slots: Celebrate Playing Your Favorite Slot

There are numerous slot games that commemorate Thanksgiving. You can find them at our online casinos for US players. And we have the entire list of slots and where you can play them. From all of us to all of you, we wish you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving.