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Rating Casinos

This is one of my areas of expertise, having rated 1000s of online casinos for the past 10 years. When I have to review an online casino, I go through every page it contains. I look at the main page, especially, since some of the casinos fill up this page so much that it is difficult, I imagine, for a new player to make sense of it all. I look to see if the casino is licensed and by whom. I also look for inconsistencies, that is, if a promotion and/or bonus is put on the first page but is different on other pages. I look at the games. Can they be played via Instant Play/Demo Mode, or does a player have to sign up and/or create an account to play the games. Download is inconsequential at this point due to the Instant Play/Flash Mode that a majority of the online casinos employ. I look through the Banking page. Even though the casino accepts Bitcoin and is clearly shown on the main page, it may not be shown on the Banking page. I look at the promotions and bonuses offered. Are they fantastic or middle of the road? I look at the Support Team. This perhaps is one of the major points of contention among US players. Either they do not receive their money in the manner stated on the site, or they do not receive their funds at all. Can they reach support services via Live Chat, again within a reasonable amount of time, or not. Does the support team even have Live Chat, phone numbers and support email? All of these factors determine how an online casino is rated. Five stars is the highest rating you can give to a casino.

Rating Slots

My other area of expertise, in which I have a lot to say, is about rating slots. In my commentary about the slot game, I will either highly recommend it or pan it. Here is my criterion for slot games. Can the game be played for fun AND for real money? Is the game easy to access by simply going to the casino site, clicking on the game I choose, and play. Or, do I have to sign up and/or create an account in order to play the game. I always play the slot game I am reviewing. There are several reasons for this. Let's assume, for example, that the game has not yet been launched or is not open to US players. I will not rely on other reviewers because nine times out of ten they have the wrong information. When I play the slot game, I can check every facet of the game from theme to symbols to special features and, especially the pay table, which I always read. This is the only way you can conclusively and truthfully inform players about the game. Thus, because I do not rely on other reviews, I play the game and give my opinion as to how popular it will become. So far, I have called it for hundreds of slot games I have reviewed. The ratings are made according to my review. Again, 5 stars is the highest rating for slots.