Could Online Poker Revenue Save the US Gov?

There is no confusion here, the US Government could do with a cash injection, the question is, are they ignoring an option that is not only staring them in the face but has been knocking on their door too. From a Federal level the online gaming bill doesn't seem all that important and indeed has been passed down to state level, meaning that should it become legal and taxed then the Feds have lost valuable ground. With the reinterpretation of the Federal Wire Act this leaves the Feds and online real money gaming in a grey area leaving the states to do the ground work. So, this is the situation in a nutshell. To avoid the Fiscal Cliff, the Government do not want to raise taxes and right now online gaming isn't taxed because it sits in that grey area, meaning that a revenue opportunity appears to be slipping away. It would be so easy for the current Government to legalize online poker, clarifying online poker players concerns, in turn this would help the industry grow and the taxes from it would add a much needed extra revenue stream. You need only look at the recent Powerball draw to see what attention the public give to these legalized gambling events. Legalize the whole lot, regulate it, tax it and who knows, much needed cash could be on the way.

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