If you haven’t been using Bitcoin, you will soon as it is the top payment method for online players from the US and abroad. However, a new payment method called Ethereum has emerged. Called an “intriguing option,” Ethereum was launched in 2014 and is a Swiss non-profit offering an easy framework for online users while very similar to the workings of Bitcoin. Ethereum is so unique that iGaming has taken a closer look. In fact, there are a few online casinos that are accept “Ether” as it is called, providing yet another to safely and securing fund your online casino account. While Ether is a bit more complex in what it does, the good news is that playing at online casinos using “ETH” as a wallet can be useful when combining other digital payment options.

Ethereum Casinos

What are the Advantages of Using Ethereum?

According to news reports, “ETH trades at 1% of the price of Bitcoin.” It offers flexibility and uses a verifiable block-chain for games that are low maintenance, easy to play and fair. Although not accepted at many sites, there are some gaming rooms who offer this funding method. Some even take best using ETH. The difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum is that the former uses one specific currency while the latter creates a wide spectrum of currencies and other products.

Read About Ethereum before Utilizing It

As with all new payment methods, we recommend you do some research on Ethereum, as well as locating the online casinos that use ETH. Determine if it is right for you, and then following the application process.