Jungle Slots

The game of Jungle Slots is huge fun - so much fun, in fact, that people have been known to spend 12 hours or more playing the game in a single setting. Jungle Slots has eight paylines and nine wheels to maximize your enjoyment of the game. You can bet anywhere from one to eight coins when playing Jungle Slots, and each individual payline you place a bet on has the potential to win and win big! Those are magic words to a slots player, and Jungle Slots can be the vehicle to not only a good time, but several great wins as well.

It'll Soon Be Jungle Love

Jungle Slots has a colorful jungle theme with images of monkeys, elephants, giraffes, lions, and cobras depicting jungle animals. There are also large alphabet letters mixed in with the animals that add a great to the eye appeal of the game as well as the fun. There are five reels on the Jungle Slots game, and you can bet up to twenty lines at once. You are also able to double your bet with the push of a button.

You'll Appreciate the Jackpot Features

An Australian-style slot machine, Jungle Slots features one of the most innovatively designed jackpot features of all the online slots. Whenever you hit the "Jungle Jackpot", you are greeted by a screen, which features an icon of a Tarzan on steroids. This new and modern Tarzan also sports a crown, possibly to show the jungle animals who the real King of the Jungle is. Admire this icon while you wait to find out how much your jackpot will be!

And What A Jackpot it Is!

Just what does one have to do in order to trigger this hopefully lucrative jackpot? You will get lucky enough to see the King of the Jungle when three or more scattered Tarzan icons roll up as the result of your spin. At this point, you will discover that your jackpot is a total of fifteen free games! Even better, any of the wins you may receive during those fifteen games will be multiplied by three! Is it any wonder that the bonus and jackpot features of Jungle Slots make it one of the most popular of all the online slots?

How Can I Try Jungle Slots?

By now, you are probably wondering what you have to do in order to be able to experience the thrills of Jungle Slots. The game is available for download, and you can enjoy it for a ten-day free trial.