My Bonus 4 Life

InterCasino is well known throughout the world as one of the finest online casinos powered by Cryptologic. Known primarily for their Marvel Slot games, InterCasino is also known for its superb promotions, and we are here to tell you about one of them. My Bonus 4 Life is a rewards program that is personally tailored for you and is literally a "bonus for life" program based on your casino game activity. InterCasino's Bonus 4 Life is designed for all online players, regardless of whether you enjoy slots, blackjack, roulette, or other specialty casino games.

How Does the Bonus 4 Life Program Work?

When you join InterCasino, you become a member of the Bonus 4 Life program in which you are given a private bonus each month for the rest of your life. The amount of the bonus is dependent upon your gaming activity. So, for example, the more you bet the more offers you receive. Each month, you will be sent a promotion that can be found in your "My InterCasino Inbox," as well as via email. The offer will be fully explained what is required of you to receive the special bonus. Once you fulfill that offer, you can look forward to receive fabulous bonuses for the rest of your life.

Who Doesn't Love Bonuses!

One of the benefits in joining any online casino is looking forward to bonuses and promotions. When you join InterCasino, you will be eligible to receive a special promotion every month - for life! Now that's a bonus you simply can't afford to turn down! Join InterCasino and take advantage of the My Bonus 4 Life promotion.