Neptunes kingdom

The god of the sea and also the eighth planet in our solar system, we are thrilled to introduce an undersea theme-based slot called Neptunes Kingdom Slots. This is a class slot with a twist that we know you will want to download and play due to its popularity among slot players.

The Trident

With not one but two tridents on each side of this sea god, Neptunes Kingdom Slots is a 3-reel, 5-payline slot with two jackpots. The first is 150 coins, and the second is 130 coins. This is one of those games that, if you are just starting out as an online slot player, will be an easy to play and rewarding experience. There are 10 winning combinations that are shown at the top of the slot machine along with the symbols and their payouts.

The Elusive Mermaid

Mermaid fans will get a chance to play and win when she appears. Additional symbols include: a Treasure Chest, Fish, Lobster, and the Trident. This is as straightforward a slot game as you can get, and by simply matching the like symbols, you can garner one or both jackpots. There are bonus features in this game, but it is worth playing due to the good sized jackpot and low coin size. If you enjoy undersea themed slots, we invite you to visit Casino Swiss and start playing Neptunes Kingdom Slots…