Know More about Slot Variants with its Reels Usage

Different types of slot machines are available at the online and on land casinos today. And the term slot generally denotes the slot machines used in these casinos. Slot machines originated in the late 1800’s and were designed by a one armed bandit called the liberty bell. The slot comes with many variations and the player needs to know about the different variations and importance of the slots and the reels if he wishes to win the game and earn good money. Three different slot machines are used to play today and they are the reel slots, progressive slots and the video slots. Each type of slots has a unique characteristic, which makes it different from other types of slots. Three reel slots is the classic version, which has three reels that spin on a single pay line. Better technology and a more visibly beautiful five reel slots allow the winner to win multiple lines as well. Generally, slot machines have either 3 or 5 reels and if anyone wishes to pass time or play for trial, then free slot machines allow you to spin the reel but without the chance to win any cash. The three slot machines which came first is also known as ‘regular’, ‘standard’, or ‘classic’ slot machines. Modern machines have five reels and usually have more than one pay line to bet on.

The Slots Variants:

  • Reel Slots - the basic slot machine and almost very old-fashioned slot machine is the reel slot machine. There are three reels and five different pay lines per game. The player only needs to decide upon the coin size in advance and press the spin button. The machine automatically spins and comes to a stand still gradually.
  • Video slots – most complex and technically advance slot machines available today is the video slot machine. Superior quality graphics and sound effects make these games look like playing a video game on the computer. These slot machines can have three to five reels and provide as many as 40 pay lines. The game is presented like a story and the extra bonuses involved can give the player extra revenue. Video poker is definitely a bridge between slots and poker.
  • Progressive slots – the features of the video slots like special bonus, free spins and wild cards are all present in progressive slots too but an added feature is also present which is the progressive jackpot. Wherever you might choose to play be it online or in a regular casino the progressive slot machines are interconnected or linked together. Every time the player plays a game in the progressive slot machine, a small percentage of the money is added in the jackpot. When the player wins by getting a full pay line then he strikes a progressive jackpot.

Playing slots is as simple as it all sounds. Just pick your game, read the instructions specified and hit the play button (also known as spin, bet, bet max depending on the game and the machine) or just pull the reel and await the results with cross fingers. What is the Advantage of Playing Different Slot Games?