Scuba View Slots

Ocean and water sports aficionados will really enjoy the fun of Scuba View Slots. Scuba View is a progressive slots offering that seems so real at times that you will want to don scuba gear and dive into the nearest ocean. This is a slots game with five reels and fifteen lines as well as a bonus game.

What You Will Encounter

This fun slots game also offers players a Bonus Round and Scatter Symbols. These symbols will really keep a player on their toes. The game screen consists of various sea creatures such as seahorses, turtles, various fish, and aquatic plants.

How To Place Your Bet

Select the amount you want to bet before playing the game. There are buttons to press on the bottom right hand side on the game screen. These buttons allow you to choose between several coin values, and guides you in placing your bet. It bears repeating that the more lines you place a bet on, the better your chances are of winning.

Using Bet Max Correctly

If you feel lucky, click the Bet Max button, and you will be placing a bet on each line. Finally, press the SPIN button to start up the slots game. If you would rather not have to press that SPIN button every time, you can set the AUTO button to do all that for you. This setting is totally reversible just in case you should change your mind later.

The Play Table

Most of the people who play this game regularly have studied the Pay Table religiously in order to learn and understand its content. It is a good idea to at least be a bit familiar with the Pay Table for this game. There is a button on the top right of the game screen that will allow you to view the table. This information helps you to understand when you can expect the little game surprises such as the Scatter Symbols.

The Fun of Scatter and Wild Symbols

Scatter symbols are important in this game. Without this symbol, you are not able to play the Bonus Round of the game. If you get more than two Scatter symbols, the Bonus Round will appear. You can win a substantial amount of money during this round without betting a thing! This is a memorable and much anticipated part of the game.

The Wild Symbol is also a very coveted symbol in this slots game. The Wild Symbol in this particular game not only has a special payout (check it out in the game's Pay Table) but can also be used to finish out a line of winning icons. Scuba View slots is an excellent game choice for people of all ages. Find this game at Just Bet Casino and Poker Host.