Possibilities Proposal For Online Gambling For Louisiana

Devastating floods from a big hurricane has hit this state in recent years and the state is slowly recovering from this financial disaster, and many people are still unemployed.

Recently Legislative Assemblymen from Louisiana were asked for a joint committee to do a study on the possibility of initiating online gambling. The resolution was put forward by Mike Huval, Republican, for the House Committee for Administration of Criminal Justice as well as the Senate Committee on the Judiciary B to be able to work together on whether it was possible to introduce internet gaming in Louisiana.

The member has suggested that Louisiana Gaming Control Board to work very closely with officials that include the Governor and the state police for the access of information with regard to online gaming industry.

The idea for the introduction of online gaming in Louisiana has been encouraged as they see other states having already introduced online poker and other gaming being made legal within their state borders.

Statistics in the Louisiana gaming industry has put about $14.3 billion into the Louisiana economy over the past three years. The most recent projections for revenues generated by gambling in Louisiana state is 6% of the total.

At the current time there are about a dozen terrestrial as well as river boat casinos that are in operation.

And although it is at present illegal to gamble on the internet, as has been stipulated by the 1997 law, there are many Louisiana gambling residents that still use the www to play online.

Legislature is concerned about those who gamble at the offshore gaming sites, that they will not be protected. It was also pointed out that the laws at present are very outdated, and technology today is capable of regulated and controlled online betting.