American Gaming Association Announces Largest Rise in Revenue

The US and international casinos have all been boasting a rise in revenue and popularity and the American Gaming Association can prove this with the results of its survey that covered 22 different states in 2023.The survey has shown that in 2023 revenues from casinos were $87.3 billion that is a registered increase of 8.8% since the previous year and an enormous growth since the so called crash in 2008. The US casinos are said to have weathered the storm with such a rise in revenue and it keeps rising. In 2023 34% of Americans visited casinos of one form or another. This does not mean that these people were just playing casino games; they also made use of the restaurants, shows, and hotel rooms that the casinos had to offer. Many of the surveyed people actually stated that they did not even gamble but the facts and results prove differently. The largest growth was registered in Kansas that had a 603% growth in revenue as a result of the new casinos that have opened in this state. One thing is for certain, in the US, casinos and gambling are more than just a spectators sport, more and more people and discovering the entertainment and other benefits that the casinos offer.