New Jersey Online Gambling is put to the Test

It had to happen! Apparently there are some glitches in the new online gaming sites for New Jersey residents. The last day of the trial period is today, with tomorrow November 26, scheduled as the opening launch of its online casinos. As we reported, only residents of the state of New Jersey can play on these gambling sites. Unfortunately, one such NJ resident was locked out of the gambling sites. He tried locating further inland and was again rejected. He drove again to within 15 miles of Atlantic City and was still not recognized as a resident, only to have been met by the annoying security lock-out screen. Another resident signed on to an Atlantic City Casino only to have her computer crash. There are a total of 14 new websites scheduled to launch tomorrow, but if the security systems do not recognize its own citizens, there will be a problem. With more than a thousand people trying to access these online casinos on this, the last day of the beta test, it will be interesting to see if this all works out by tomorrow. Stay tuned!