The Big Divide Between Supporters and Non Supporters of Internet Gambling

There is turmoil brewing amongst the casino world, both online and at land based casinos causing a great divide amongst the players. A number of top casinos including Las Vegas Sands, owned and operated by Sheldon Adelson are backing a massive new advertising campaign that is aimed and halting the spread of online gambling. The CEO of Las Vegas Sands and other members of this new initiatives corporation are investing millions in the ad campaign to try and stop the growth of the online gaming industry. Morgan Stanley has estimated that by the year 2024 the online casino world including mobile casinos will be earning the same income as the current Las Vegas and Atlantic City strips that stands at $9.30 billion dollars for this year. The move is to try and slow down the rapid growth of the online gaming industry and swing the popularity back to the traditional land based casinos. But, many in the industry are aware of the many benefits of online gaming and they are buying their way into this new world by joining forces with different online casinos and also providing online services within their own casinos. The battle rages on but not at the expense of the players who are benefitting from the competition that is arising between the traditional casinos through special offers and bonuses.