Senator Heller Proposes Federal Bill on Regulated Online Gambling

While Sheldon Adelson is pushing hard for all regulated online gambling to be banned, Senator Dean Heller wants to ban all regulated online gambling in the US apart from online poker in a bill that will be introduced in a few weeks time. This would mean a rollback on all regulated online gambling in the states of Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware, and at present although it's unknown who is sponsoring the bill, observers are stating that it has little to no chance of success. The details of the bill are also unknown however what is known is that poker will be exempt due to the fact that some states class it as a game of skill.

The bill is likely to fail on many fronts and firstly those states that already provide online gaming will of course be against any moving the goalposts at a Federal level, as will those states such as New York and California who are at least considering regulated online gambling. On the other side of the coin, the fact that the bill is OK with poker would mean that those against gambling as a whole would not be inclined to give the green light, due to the fact that it could lead to a huge expansion of poker, something that they would be against. It would be a huge step back in the progress that online gaming has made in recent years and would not be a perfect fit for those that are looking to put a stop to online gaming altogether and therefore the bill as a whole simply seems too middle of the road for all concerned.