Online Gambling Grows Globally

A new report by yStats entitled Global Online Gambling and Betting Market 2015 has shown that online gambling is indeed growing, with a major growth area being in that of mobile gaming. There's been a huge increase in the amount of gaming companies offering a mobile product, and it appears that players around the world are indeed taking them up on the offer playing casino games, and placing their sports bets from their mobile devices.

This news may come as no surprise to many casino games players who are already using their mobile devices to access the best mobile casinos, and that trend in switching to mobile play looks set to continue. That is of course partly to do with the fact that more people now use Android and iOS mobile devices due to their convenience and affordability, and as online casinos focus more of their attention on mobile the slots, games and sports wagering products keep improving.

The report also found that the largest online gambling sector in the world was that of Europe, with a large number of countries now offering fully regulated online gaming. One finding regarding the European market was that while in the UK, Spain and France it was sports betting that provided the most action, in Italy it was casino games.

In the US from the three states that offer regulated online casinos, New Jersey led the way as far as revenue was concerned, simply down to population, and it's believed that many more states will, in the coming years, adopt the regulated approach. All across the US online casino games players enjoy the numerous quality online casinos available to them, and these offshore regulated casinos will continue to provide a great service to US players.

It's also believed that in the coming years there will be more company consolidation with larger companies taking at least a share in the smaller ones, as is often the case with any expanding market.