Will Pennsylvania Become the Next State to Legalize Gambling?

As you know, there are currently three states that have legalized gambling: New Jersey, Delaware, and Nevada. Will Pennsylvania become the fourth? It looks that way. The House Gaming Oversight Committee voted to pass a bill to legalize online gambling. The next step is for the House and the Senate to pass this bill. After which it will be turned over to the Governor for his signature. While it took almost a year to get this far, we are confident that it will pass both houses and the Governor will sign this important bill. The bill itself would provide for a safe and secure means for players to engage in online game play. Moreover, it would also allow slot machines to be put in off track betting locations, and Pennsylvania airports. The crux of this bill would ultimately generate more than $200 million in revenue for the state. We will keep you abreast of when and if this bill is signed.