New York’s Fan Duel and DraftKings Hit with an Injunction

The Attorney General of NY has filed an injunction against Fan Duel and Draft Kings. If you have seen their ads on TV wherein "real' people have won more than $2M dollars with just a $35 bet; and if you followed the problems that have subsequently been made public; you will understand why they are under suspicion. According to reports, many of the winnings were derived by employees of these companies because they had the "inside" track. Think of it as "insider trading." The report goes on to state that "DraftKings embedded keywords into their programming code on its website allowing for search engines to direct players immediately to its site. Fan Duel has suspended paid contest entries for players from New York. As for DraftKings, the report shows that "a small percentage of professional gamblers use research, software, and large bankrolls to extract a disproportionate share of DFS jackpots." Thus, a majority of players had a very low return on their investments. More on this story as it evolves.