Here’s a First! NY Hearing for Online Poker

On September 9 a hearing will held by New York legislators as to the possibility of legalizing online poker. While this might be seen as a step forward, it really isn’t because as you all know, online gambling has been the bane of most Representatives and Senators, particularly Republicans. While the State Senator backing this poker proposal would like to pass legislation by the year 2016, his hopes may be dashed from the outset because there’s this unwillingness to pass a bill of this kind this year.

In Other Gambling for US Players News

Not surprisingly, California and Pennsylvania’s bid to legalize online gambling looks grim. With the legislature closing out is current session on September 11, and the Pennsylvania legislators at an impasse, this may not be the year that online gambling becomes a reality for these two states. It’s ironic that the funding for education and pension reform has taken the front seat to online gambling which, in all honesty, would raise the revenue needed to take care of these two issues. But that’s politics.