A Bill to Ban Online Gambling is On the Senate Floor

Over the past several years, we have been going back and forth about legislation to ban online gambling. Now it has come to this: A new bill has been introduced by two Republican Senators that would ban internet poker and other forms of online gambling, and the major donor is none other than Sheldon Adelson. The crux of the matter is the America's Wire Act. This was settled in 2011, however, Adelson is hell bent on seeing this bill revived and will pay any amount of money to do so. Blaming President Obama for allowing the Justice Department to clarify this bill is at the heart of this on-going debate. Senator Graham, along with Mark Rubio, compounded the problem by stating "a major rewrite of a long standing federal law like this would be made by the people's elected representatives in Congress and signed into law by the President." Hogwash! It is the people, not their representatives, who have made it loud and clear that they are in favor of online gambling. Oddly enough, Rep. Ron Paul stated that this bill's sponsors are giving in to cronyism by way of Adelson's wealth. And he is right! And if you want yet another bad taste in your mouth, consider that Adelson started a Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling and, according to this group; they have a lot of momentum. Adelson gave a fundraiser for Graham, and Rubio is in line with Adelson's objectives. Cronyism IS at work here. And it must be stopped once and for all.