There are Few Cities with an Improbable Location as the City of Las Vegas

It is all too easy for visitors to forget that Las Vegas is sitting in the middle of a desert, especially when watching the dancing fountains at the Bellagio hotel every hour. It is true, however, that the city is located on desert land, and without a steady stream of imported water there would be no greenery, no casinos and no city.

The history of Las Vegas began when gambling was legalized in Nevada, and it is this legalized gambling that has formed the heart of the city since its inception. Even as state after state has legalized gambling in pursuit of a piece of the action, the popularity of Vegas as a vacation destination has only grown.

After all, Las Vegas was the original gambling destination, and it is home to the biggest names in the casino business. In Las Vegas, one can quickly go from the casinos owned by famous real estate developer and millionaire Donald Trump to the new palace built by Steve Wynn. Each new hotel casino seems to be running a race to be the fanciest, the biggest and the best, and it seems that race will never end.

The city of Las Vegas boasts some of the most exciting entertainment options in the world of show business, from the many free shows held at the various casinos to world class singers, magicians and burlesque shows. Some of the free options include the lion habitat at the MGM Grand and the famous aquarium at Treasure Island. The attractions, both free and paid, are ever changing, giving frequent visitors a new experience every time they come to the city.

Las Vegas, of course, offers the finest in casino action, from the exciting table games at the strip hotels to the Slot Machines and card games at the original downtown casinos.

In addition, the city of Las Vegas frequently plays host to some of the biggest money Poker Tournaments in the world, giving gamblers of all abilities the chance to watch the pros at work. With all this going for it, it is no wonder Las Vegas is one of our most popular cities.