Online Gambling Gets Off to a Slow Start

Everything takes time, but in the world of online gambling, time is a rare commodity that has some folks worried. In Nevada, for example, their online poker sites averages a little over $800 million a month while Delaware saw a 25% in revenue. In New Jersey, the casinos offering online gambling yielded revenue of nearly $12 million. To you and me, this is not small change. But to some, it reinforces their opinion that online gambling still has a long way to go, if not completely obliterated. With Massachusetts and Illinois both considering a poker only bill, there are at least 8 states that are contemplating online gambling. But, as always, the opponents of online gambling are waving their banning flags to this day. In fact, one republican bill will do just that – shut online gambling down completely. We’ll just have to wait and see what the Senate does with this bill and what the President does if it ever reaches his desk. Frankly, in this writer’s opinion, anything that the Democrats favor is like poison to the Republicans, and will remain so until we have a new President. Never mind that we are just beginning to realize revenues from online gambling that is helping those states that proposed it. But despite this, the nay Sayers are hell bent on decimating online gambling for good. Good luck with that!