5 Progressive Slots Tips: How to Win a Progressive Jackpot

Progressive jackpots are hugely popular in the online gambling industry. It's easy to see the appeal of a slot game with one or multiple jackpots attached, and the sum of that jackpot is constantly growing with every bet made on the game. Slot games aren't the only way you can win a progressive prize either, there are progressive prizes in poker and table games, but this article is focusing on progressive jackpots attached to slots. If you've ever wondered how you can crack the code and increase your chances of triggering a lucrative progressive jackpot, look no further than this article!

While many jackpots often have a set number that cannot increase or decrease, progressive jackpots are different. Their fluidity is one of the primary reasons they're so popular, because a tiny percentage of every stake you back is accumulated and added to the progressive pool. Since this goes for every

player, that can quickly add up. Since the size of a pool depends on the amount of players who put money into it, the most popular progressive games will often have the largest jackpot. When you play slot games, participating in the attached progressive jackpot is not optional. Instead, a small amount of your stake is automatically taken out of your bet. Sometimes, certain games require a higher stake to participate in competing with the jackpot, they also may consider it a requirement for you to play every pay line, if you're playing a slot with adjustable pay lines. No matter what, most jackpots are awarded randomly to qualifying players. There are ways to improve your odds though. Most online casinos allow you to filter through their slots and look through games by features, so you can look through an assortment of games that only host progressive jackpots if you choose. Some casinos even sort their games by jackpots.

Tip Number 1: Increase Your Odds

Select games will allow you to automatically increase your odds by increasing your stake, or by betting on more pay lines. Of course, this depends heavily on the slot so you'll want to read all of the rules and details of your game before you try this method. Many games with progressive prizes have jackpots tied in with in-game bonus rounds, as well.

Tip Number 2: Play Must Win Jackpots

Most progressive jackpots continuously grow and there's no way to determine when the jackpot will pay out, which can lead to record breaking prize pools. However, you cannot predict when these games will payout. Must Win jackpots are different because this progressive jackpot has a deadline it must meet. If you've ever played a Hot Drop Jackpot, you've played one of these games.

Tip Number 3

This might be obvious, but you'll want to read the rules of every game if you're trying to score a specific jackpot. Some games have specific restrictions or rules that apply to the jackpot. For example, the jackpot might affect the RTP, or you need to make a minimum bet to qualify for the jackpot.

Tip Number 4. Patience is Key

If you want to score a big jackpot, wait for the prize pool to grow before joining the race and fighting for the prize pot. While statistically for most games there is no higher chance of you triggering the jackpot when the prize pool is worth a large sum versus when the prize pool is a little smaller, it'd probably be nicer to win the bigger prize.

Tip Number 5. Pick a Lucky Game!

It's best to pick a jackpot game that has awarded multiple players in the past. Many casinos will actually advertise their jackpot wins. While picking a slot that's awarded players jackpots in the past is no guarantee that you'll win, it can still be evidence of a trustworthy game and casino.