Bingo Vega No Deposit Bonus Codes

This site has a fabulous collection of slots, bingo games, and video poker! Not to mention, escape the earth's pesky gravity and explore their cosmic games, along with weekly and monthly offers, layered over this intergalactic backdrop!

Weekday Bonus

Bingo Vega has a weekday multiplier bonus available! This bonus is claimable from Mondays to Thursdays, 12:00 am to 11:59 pm. If you deposit up to 49$, you'll receive a 200% bonus. If you deposit somewhere from $50 to $99 you'll receive a 300% bonus. If you deposit $100 or more you'll receive a 500% bonus. Lastly, if you deposit $200 or more, you'll receive a whopping 700%!

Weekend Bonus

There is a bonus available on the weekend, starting on Friday and lasting til Sunday. So have a drink, go to dinner, and bring Bingo Vega with you on your mobile device so you won't forget to claim these offers! If you deposit up to $49 you'll receive a 200% bonus. If you deposit $50 to $99 you'll receive a 350% boost. If you deposit $100 or more you'll receive a 600% boost. Lastly, if you deposit $200+ you'll receive a mega boost of 800%!

Seasonal Promotions and Tournaments

This site offers consistent and always-changing promotions. For example, in August they're offering a bingo promotion. They also often run tournaments, where all of the website's players can compete for a portion of the prize money! For example, in August they're hosting weekly cash slot tournaments. Often these sorts of promotions require you to play on specific slots, but the best part about tournaments is multiple players win!

Saturday Is The Night

Whether you stay in or go out for some lobster and margaritas, you'll want to play their Saturday night lotto! The lotto jackpot starts at 100BB and continues to grow for each week it's not won, by 22BB. This lotto may reset and expire eventually, but no doubt there will be another lucrative offer to take its place.

Sunday Tourney

Use the laziest day of the week for some bingo fun. They're giving away $1500 every Sunday at 6:00 pm. Players can only claim these prizes if they play a minimum of 4 cards in the 4-pack Tourney games.

Monday Tournament

Beef up your manic Mondays with the Monday Depositor Tournament. You can claim this offer every Monday between 9:00 and 9:30 pm. You can nab an extra $125, thrown right into the prize pool. To claim this offer, deposit $50.00 or more on Monday until the tournament game begins.

Hotball Palooza

Monday mornings might be hated by the general population, but Bingo Vega players will know the first win on Monday determines the week's Hotball. If you decide to bingo on the Hotball, and manage to keep track of your game number, you can claim the Hotball with the CM on duty, and be awarded 25bbs.

Night Owl Weekend

Since not everyone wants to wake up early for a special offer, there is a night owl weekend tourney for folks who stay up late. Join Cm Lee in the milk way room between 12 am to 2 am on Friday and Saturday. Plus, you'll receive extra BBs along with the typical bingo prizes.