BitPlay No Deposit Bonus Codes

BitPlay is strictly a Bitcoin Casino. However, it is atypical in terms of what would generally be a stand-out casino. BitPlay is a sweepstakes site with ten platforms. All of them produce the same welcome bonus and promotions. The platforms include Fire Kinn, Blue Dragon, Flamingo 7, Phantom, RedPlay, Ultra Monster, V Power, X Games, Panda Master, and Funzone. Besides the ten platforms, BitPlay also gives players access to 300 games when they sign up.

How Do the Platforms Operate?

Players have to register at BitPlay before playing on their preferred platforms. Click on the SignUp button. Then fill out the registration form. Players will get a confirmation email with the necessary details when their accounts get approved.

Atypical GamePlay

While most other casinos show the category of games and the latest games available, BitPlay is the exception. To view any of the games, players will have to sign up by choosing their preferred platform and then gain access to the games.

We Recommend X Games at BitPlay

Regardless of what platform you choose, all bonuses and promotions are the same. Thus we recommend X Games for their high quality and quantity at BitPlay. The X Games that BitPlay considers most popular are Sponge Bob, Eyes of Fortune, Boy Kind Treasure, Iceland, and Magic Pearl, to name a few.

X Games Daily Bonus

Another reason we chose X Games is they offer a daily bonus of 25%. There are no requirements to play the sweepstakes games, and the reward will be given as stated.

Free Chip NDB Codes

Sign up and receive a $20 no deposit bonus at BitPlay.

Welcome Bonus and Promotions For All Ten Platforms

  • Get a 50% First Deposit Bonus
  • Get a 20% Second and Third Deposit Bonus

Happy Birthday

Get a 50% Birthday Bonus

Role Bonuses

The Role Bonuses consist of different Loyalty programs. They are Regular, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and VIP.

Silver Role Bonus

Get a 5% bonus on all deposits over $1000.

Gold Role Bonus

Get a 10% bonus on all deposits over $2500.

Platinum Role Bonus

Get a 15% bonus on all deposits over $5000.

VIP Role Bonus

Get a 20% bonus on all deposits over $10,000.

ReferAFriend Bonus

Get $10 when a friend joins Bitplay.