Bonuses in Betting & Poker

Everyone loves poker, that's a given. It's definitely one of the most popular card games you can play at any given online casino. However, decoding poker bonuses might be a little confusing if you're new to the online casino world. Rest assured, this article will guide you through poker bonus basics, along with helping you with betting techniques. Poker bonuses are promotional rewards, and these rewards are given via funds that can be used to bet with, or through tournament tickets or anything else that might increase your poker experience. All of these types of promotions will be alluring incentives for poker players, but keep in mind there are multiple types of poker bonuses you'll likely encounter while playing.

Poker Welcome Bonuses

The name of these bonus types probably speaks for itself. These bonuses can be claimed when you sign up for a new online gambling platform and make a first deposit. Usually, poker focused welcome bonuses are given out as a match bonus. The poker room will match a percentage of your initial deposit.

Poker Reload Bonus

Reload bonuses are similar to the welcome bonus when it comes to the technical bonuses themselves, but the difference is these bonuses are for existing players who have already made their initial deposits on the poker site. These bonuses operate to encourage players to continue to place bets on their platform.

Both reload bonuses and welcome bonuses can include free tournament tickets on top of the actual bonus amount. After all, poker tournaments are a huge part of the appeal of online card games, so it only makes sense they'd also offer tournament tickets.

Poker Bonuses Explained

What's great about poker bonuses is unlike your typical slots game bonus, there are no wagering requirements attached, and your funds will not be frozen if you happen to win. You can extend your playing time by adding a little extra cash to your account, allowing you to play even more poker games. You could even participate in higher stake games without having to risk any extra money.

You can also explore new poker rooms without risking much of your own money. You can try out new platforms and test them out. Generally, experimentation is more encouraged when you have extra funds. Plus, what's important to evaluate is to check out the actual quality of the software that the poker room uses. You can assess the level of player traffic along with determining if such a platform suits your playing preferences. There's really no downside to this! Plus, you can use your free money to try out different poker strategies without losing out on your actual cash.

How Do Poker Bonuses Work?

Most poker rooms will offer different bonuses, depending on your status. We already discussed the new player bonuses and the existing bonuses. However there is an eligibility criterion. Poker bonuses typically have a limit on the minimum deposit, and the specific amount will depend on the particular poker room, along with where you're playing.

All poker bonuses are released either as a lump sum or incrementally. If it's an incremental release, that means you'll only receive a portion of the bonus slowly as you meet certain requirements. For example, you might receive $5 for every $20 you pay in rake. If it's a lump sum release, that means the entire bonus will be available once you meet the necessary criteria. There's a 25% release rate industry standard, but that percentage might vary. When it comes to picking a poker bonus, that's all on you, but with all of this knowledge under your belt, you should know everything necessary to thrive next poker match!