Royal News from Jackpot Capital Casino

From now through October 9, Jackpot Capital Casino is rewarding its players who enter the Kingdom of the Slots. The total prize available is $160,000. Here's how it works: every Monday during this event, 200 players will receive bonuses up to $800 each. The more you play at Jackpot Capital Casino, the more chances you will have to win larger bonuses. There is a random draw, however, that will also award $30,000 in prizes. When you play, you will earn points, and receive bonuses for the points based on the level you achieve. For example, you will climb the ladder of the Royal Court rise to the occasion. Starting with a Citizen, you will be able to advance to a Knight, a Baron or Baroness, a Duke or Duchess, and a Prince or Princess. At each of these levels, you can be randomly selected to win additional prizes. However, there will be only one King or Queen to rule the Kingdom of the Slots, along with a $1000 cash prize. There is a scoreboard where you can check your status in the Royal Court. Remember, too, that Jackpot Capital Casino is also a mobile casino so that you can play on your PC or mobile device to join the ranks of the Kingdom of the Slots. Join Jackpot Capital Casino and start playing!