Revolutionary Features in the Latest Online Slots

Online slots have come far from their inception in the late 1800s. Nowadays, online casino games are hotter than ever, and the games themselves have been rapidly evolving. If you're used to classic slot mechanics with few special features, just a single browse through an online casino would be nearly overwhelming. These significant advancements in the online gambling industry are what keep casinos on the cutting edge of everything. New gaming systems have risen from the ashes and online casino gambling itself is advancing too fast to keep up with. This is also why there are so many new features being introduced to the online gambling world. Not only are people gambling online, but they're also gambling on their smartphones and their tablets.

Online slots are easier to use than ever. They're fast and simple and far more flexible than they previously were. The staying power of these games is undeniable, and the range of themes they cover is simply unmatched. Now, in this article we're going to discuss some of the latest features you can find in a modern slot game. These innovations are keeping the industry on its toes and incorporating these lucrative features to lure new players in successfully.

Hold and Respin Feature

Out of all of the slot game options, this category is the fastest growing category in the industry. Join any random casino and I'll guarantee you, a steady increase of hold and respin games will be evident. This isn't just any simple bonus game. This bonus game is utilized to incorporate more complex bonuses that can lead to massive jackpots. This bonus occurrence is very adaptable too, and can be used as the primary game, which is almost unheard of generally. There used to be a slotted game with mechanic wheels that separated into colored wedges where players would bet on a specific color to appear first, nowadays the hold and respin format is the modern variation of such a mechanic. Overall, it's easy to assume a basic hold and respin feature will have a long running career.

Mobile Gaming Software

Facing the facts can be hard sometimes, but many of us can admit to being addicted to our smartphones. For that reason, one of the fastest growing industry trends is mobile online gambling itself. So many gamblers prefer to play on their smartphones and other gadgets over actually booting up their desktop computer and laptop. The mobile online casino business itself has experienced unprecedented growth in the last five or so years. Many software supplies such as Microgaming, NetEnt and Thunderkick now offer mobile-specific games.

While not all phones are created equally, most providers ensure their slot games are adaptable to most modern devices. If you choose to invest in a higher quality smartphone, you'll likely have a better experience without dealing with any game limitations. That being said, just because you might have an older device doesn't mean the slot game won't be playable.


You'd have to be living under a rock to not notice the way cryptocurrency and the introduction of blockchain technology have revolutionized the online gambling industry. While many online casinos still allow you to deposit with a credit card or debit card, many high rollers and trendsetters are opting to play with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin thanks to their fast and anonymous nature. This is such a hot trend in fact many online casinos only allow you to play with cryptocurrency, and some of these casinos even host specific crypto slot games that are unobtainable if you don't play with crypto. These also can be some of the best slot games in the industry! Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have sustainably earned trust from the gambling community, and blockchain can serve as a remarkable tool for keeping records of your gambling patterns and protecting yourself from manipulated numbers or anything sketchy.

With blockchain technology, both you and the casino can ensure that your payments are made correctly and on schedule. Blockchain technology better safeguards against industry fraud and all of your personal information is guarded like a hawk on the blockchain. Every user is linked to their destined wallet address which is protected by a cryptographic mechanism. Blockchain based casinos are constantly on the rise, thus they've impacted slot play and the formats of casinos in general. In fact, many platforms offer special incentives for players who deposit with cryptocurrency, and in those cases you can enjoy extra money to play on slots with or enjoy free spins associated with a specific set of games.

Branded Licensed Slot Games

It's all too easy to fall head over heels for branded licensed slot games, and it's not only because you can play a game themed around your favorite TV show or movie. These slots are enticing for several reasons. These slot games have managed to break free from the chains of traditional bookmakers and provide exclusive consumer bargains. The gameplay of branded and licensed slots has also been updated. Not only do these games supply more engaged spins, but also immersive bonus rounds that involve the player in the game in a way many other games never have. On top of that, many consumers have an affinity for name brands. This has been proven time and time again when you examine the sales of merchandise or video games, even. The software developers of these games update the gameplay of every slot they craft. Branded and licensed slot games are a constantly growing phenomenon, and this industry is expanding on a regular basis. When you compare a branded and licensed slot game to a regular slot, you'll notice that branded slot games offer a lower payout percentage. Despite that, the popularity of these branded slots cannot be understated, as they continue to grow at a rapid rate. After all, who doesn't love a Game of Thrones themed slot, or a Gladiator based game? Some of the most popular branded and licensed slots are probably the Narcos themed slots and the Vikings themed slots among others. There are a slew of reasons to try out branded slots, and many online casinos do everything they can to accommodate these particular slots because of their vast popularity.

Arcade Games in Online Slots

It's probably easy to guess where the term arcade games came from. These games were played in arcades and pubs back in the day, and they've been reimagined to adapt to the always changing world of online gambling. Arcade gambling offers entertainment along with the potential of winning actual money prizes. Rather than gathering up a few friends and hitting the arcade to pour your loose change into a random machine, you can play arcade games relatively anywhere now, at any time, whether you're alone or with someone.

Nowadays, many slot based sites offer arcade games, and your average casino now boasts a generous catalog of arcade game options. You can play these games for real money, on your smartphone. These games are nostalgic and exciting at the same time, and you can play these games without leaving the sanctuary of your own home.