Bovada Free Spins No Deposit

Bovada Casino is a pretty special platform! This platform has been active since 2011 and strives to offer its players a unique gambling experience unlike any other! Since they entered the industry, they've provided a Las Vegas style betting experience, along with their luxurious sportsbook and racebook. They have fierce tournaments and a plethora of special offers. There are 300 slot games to choose from, along with table games. The most popular table game on their roaster is blackjack, but plenty of the other table games are just as fun. They also have an epic live dealer section!

Free Spins Bonanza

The Free Spin Bonanza is a truly special promotion. They give out thousands of free spins! All and all, there are 250,000 free spins available to be won every week. It's easier than you think you win a portion of these free spins, too. There are 25,000 weekly winners, and those odds are a lot better than I would have previously assumed upon looking at the promotion. You need to deposit and bet $10 or more on any slot game and every time you do that, you'll receive an entry into their weekly Free Spins prize drawing.

There are 25,000 prizes available! So let's get into the nitty gritty of it all, shall we? The top prize is 100 free spins, and 500 lucky winners will be given this generous batch of free spins and it will come at no cost to them. 750 winners will receive 50 free spins and 1250 winners will receive 25 free spins. If you're one of the lower ranking winners, you'll still receive a nice little batch of free spins. 3,750 players will receive 10 free spins, while 18,750 winners will receive 5 free spins.

Like any good promotion, some terms and conditions need to be followed to claim this offer. Your minimum deposit needs to be at least $10, but your minimum wager needs to be a full $10, so it makes more sense to probably deposit a little more than $10 for multiple entries. The bonuses are issued in the middle of the week on Wednesdays, but it might take up to 24 hours to appear in your account. If you're one of the lucky winners, you'll receive a notification. The bonuses are claimed through the rewards store, and you have about a week to redeem this bonus.

Crypto Membership

You can upgrade your account to something called a Premium Crypto Exclusive Membership. This is an option for members who truly want to indulge in the cryptocurrency lifestyle and embrace every opportunity associated with cryptocurrency to its fullest capacity. If you already gamble with cryptocurrency, you may as well upgrade your account. As a Crypto Exclusive Member, you'll enjoy a plethora of deposit and withdrawal method options associated with cryptocurrency, however this free upgrade will result in even better rewards and bonuses.

To become a Premium Crypto Exclusive Member, you need to deposit with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ethereum. After that, you'll be offered a package of premium benefits other players won't have access to, which very well might contain batches of free spins.

Bovada Casino also has a rewards program where you can redeem your earned rewards points for cash bonuses which can be used in the sportsbook, racebook and casino. You can also use your rewards points to purchase poker tournament tickets. You can earn points for sports and racebook bets, along with casino games and poker games. You redeem your points by going to the Rewards Portal and pressing "Get My Bonus' and then you can redeem all of your rewards points, or a portion of them. All and all, this platform is astonishing!