Fliff Sports Betting

Fliff Casino is a free-to-play social sportsbook. Players can claim coins every two hours on this amazing platform, and you can climb up their leaderboards, crush the competition and take home the top prize, if you want! Fliff is focused on reimagining the sportsbook, this time as a social casino with free to play games. There is a social element to this platform, because you can follow both your friends or Fliff users to back or challenge their picks. I loved the interactive element of this social sportsbook! There are also loyalty rewards, which further enhance the experience. Regardless of what kind of sport is your favorite sport, I guarantee Fliff Casino has it. Fliff Casino is legal in 42 states! You can play on Fliff Casino everywhere except for Washington, Alabama, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nevada and South Carolina.

What is The Fliff App?

Fliff is an app, and it's available to download via the Apple Store, or google play. The app download is free, and is conveniently available for most mobile devices. You can download Fliff to your tablet or your iPhone, and it downloads in a reasonable time. The interface is user friendly, and better creates the ultimate mobile sportsbook atmosphere. As an app user, you'll have access to sports games, loyalty rewards as well as badges and prizes. You can use your earnings to purchase gift cards from Chipotle, AirBnB and Dominos!

Fliff Bonuses, What Do Fliff Coins Do and How Do They Work? What is Fliff Cash?

While the entire purpose of a social sportsbook is to legally require a platform to ensure free play, there are still promotional offers. There is a very generous welcome bonus you can claim when you sign up. You can unlock a two part welcome bonus, valued up to 600,000 Fliff Coins, which also releases up to $100 in Fliff Cash. You need to use the promotional code FLIFFISLIFE to claim this offer.

Fliff Coins are released all the time while you play at this sportsbook. Besides the welcome bonus I just mentioned that awards tons of free Fliff Coins, you can also claim Fliff Coins every two hours by choosing winning picks, along with inviting friends to this platform and entering their special social media giveaways. You can even purchase Fliff Coins if you'd like. Fluff Coins do not have any real money value, so can never be redeemed for cash. Instead, you can use them to build up your XP by selecting winners and climbing your way up their leaderboard. When you've finally accumulated enough XP, they can be converted into gift vouchers. You'll also receive tons of badges as a way to show off your vast betting abilities!

The other currency option I previously mentioned is Fliff Cash. All Fliff Cash needs to be played through once, and it must meet the minimum withdrawal value of $50 before you can redeem Fliff Cash for prizes. Fliff Cash is released with every Fliff Coins purchase, and you can claim up to $100 with the welcome promotional code I mentioned. You cannot directly buy Fliff Cash however, instead you'll win Fliff Cash by placing winning picks and unlocking Fliff Cash via bonuses. They also give out Fliff Cash when you enter social media giveaways.

How To Cash Out On Fliff

You can bank on this platform using Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Maestro. Purchase isn't required to play, but you need to purchase to release the second part of the bonus and unlock $100 in Fliff Cash. These currencies cannot be withdrawn directly, as I mentioned earlier. However, if you need to redeem your Fliff Cash for cash prizes, your prize conversions take place using the same method you used to deposit.