Shocking News: Why Play Freeroll Tournaments

The reason I am personally bringing this up is due to a column I read on another well-known US online casino that pretty much said to stay away from freeroll tournaments because it's a huge waste of time and you don't make a lot of money. This totally shocked me. I cannot disagree more. If new players have an opportunity to experience a free tournament, they should do so. It doesn't matter that the pot isn't a huge one, but this will give them some experience as to how to play in a tournament as well as how to best play the game featured in that tournament. Moreover, if the online casino offering the freeroll tournament is giving new members a no deposit bonus, they could use that money to buy in to a higher prized tournament. Play in a freeroll tournament. Get your feet wet. It's well worth it.

Daily Freeroll Tournaments at Miami Club Casino

Many of our US casinos feature daily freeroll tournaments, but Miami Club Casino distinguishes itself by hosting over three freeroll tournaments daily from Monday through Sunday. This is quite unusual for any casino, but the point is that freeroll tournaments, while not offering a great prize, ($50 Prize for Miami Club Casino) can add up when you play each week. Miami Club Casino is offering the following slot games for the month of July: X Marks the Spot , Safari, Northern Lights, Funny Moolah, City of Gold, Agent Cash, and Dolphin King. While you may not make a lot of money, the fun of competing with others and sharing experiences can be most enjoyable. Take a moment and check out Miami Club Casino's Freeroll Slot Tournaments. The slot games change every month, and you may be surprised just how much fun you will have.