Mr Cashman Slot Game

What began as a concept quickly changed into video slot games featuring bonuses galore. Mr Cashman originated in Australian land-based casinos, and this 3-reel slot was the basis for Mr. Cashman as the title character symbol. Aristocrat first introduced Mr Cashman in the 1990s, and Aristocrat successfully added bonuses games to this slot in the 2000s. Two years ago, Aristocrat updated several of the older Mr Cashman slot games and released new versions to land-based casinos.

What Type of Bonus Games Does Mr. Cashman Offer?

Currently, there are five bonus games. These are awarded on a random basis similar to progressive slots. In order to win any of the bonuses, you have to bet the max. Here’s an interesting fact: when Mr Cashman awards free spins, if there are no winning combinations, the game will still award the player 2 credits times the active bet per line.

How Does the Game Operate?

It begins with Mr Cashman walking out onto the reels and waving his hands at the Win meter located at the top of the screen. The credits begin to count up and Mr Cashman keeps waving until all the credits have been given to you. The prize is randomly determined and is up to 25,000 credits. Another interesting occurrence is that Mr Cashman will also walk out onto the reels and stop to give one or more reels a spin. He then gives the player a multiplier located to the left of the slot. This multiplier is random and can range from 3xs to 10xs.

What Other Bonus Features are in this Game?

Mr Cashman appears on a second screen. He pulls the level to spin the reels. Starting from the right, a random number will appear ranging from 0 to 9. You will be awarded three digits randomly that can range from 000 to 999 credits. In another second screen, Mr Cashman is on a stage holding a gift box and a money bag. The gift box awards free spins with multipliers. You can win 5, 10, 15, or 20 free spins. The Multipliers range from 2xs to 5xs. The Money bad will award credits up to 1000. Finally, Mr Cashman appears on a screen at nighttime. The stars are shining and the moon is clear. You will be asked to touch the stars until you find two matching prizes. The first matched prize is yours to keep. Prizes go as high as 1000 credits or may consist of free spins. The free spins are awarded as follows: If you win 5 free spins all prizes are awarded a 5xs multiplier; if you win 10 free spins all prizes are awarded a 3xs multiplier; if you win 20 free spins all prizes are awarded a 2xs multiplier; and if you win 40 free spins all prizes are paid at face value.