Plinko Casino Game

Plinko is a provably fair mini game, and it originated ro. Ym a popular American game show. Nowadays, Plinko has taken on a new persona thanks to cryptocurrency casinos and their habit of adding Plinko to the list of games within their crypto collection. Plinko has a higher RTP than most slots, and the RTP ranges around 97%. It's also compatible with an abundance of hi-tech devices. You can use it on your tablet or iPad if you prefer a big portable screen. You can play it on your laptop or desktop computer in between conference calls or on your lunch break. You can also play it on your smartphone while waiting in line at the bank or while doing your laundry. This game is also unique for its social aspect, as the game includes chat and a live bet module.

Plinko was developed by Spribe, which is a fairly well known software provider, and if you consider yourself an online gambling connoisseur, you've probably heard of them before. They're known for their innovative casino games. They're always pushing boundaries and focusing on what is next in the realm of gambling and casinos. They're known for games like Aviator, which is an increasing curve crash game. They're known for their other turbo games, which are a variety of different mini games such as Plinko. They're also known for their poker games, their skill games and their beautiful, fully fleshed out slots.

Now, Stribe's reputation aside, you'll be happy to know Plinko is also available in demo mode. For players who have never tried this game before, it'll be essential to give it several test runs in this mode before you commit to making any real money bets. Especially as it's not the most common game on the market.

How To Play

The mechanics are simple enough. You have to press one of the three colored buttons. The corresponding disc will fall from the top of the board, and it's deflected by the pegs. The disc will fall on one of the bottom on a multiplier of your bet. You can adjust how many pins you wish to play with, whihc basically adjusts how difficult the game is.

You can also auto-play. Just press the blue button located at the bottom of the screen and it'll pull up a menu where you can select your bet color, along with setting the number of auto play rounds you want. You can auto play 3 to 500 times. You can also adjust it so you can stop if the cash decreases by a certain number, or if a single win exceeds a certain number. You can really customize the autoplay settings here as well. You can adjust the game so it'll employ certain mechanics depending on its results. So if you lose a certain amount, you can increase or decrease the bet by a certain percentage. If you win a certain amount, you can also increase or decrease your bet by a certain percentage. The way you can customize the autoplay mechanism allows for hands free gambling in a more controlled environment.

Visual wise, this game is on the simple side but that's hardly a negative aspect, especially for a complicated and relatively uncommon game such as Plinko. While plenty of cryptocurrency based casinos host this game, it doesn't have the built-in audience slots or poker has. However, Plinko is inviting and simple enough that new players can venture on over and give it a try without too much effort.