2UP Game

Anzac Day is similar to our Veterans Day here in the US. In Australia, however, it is a solemn day on April 25 commemorating all soldiers who fought in the wars. The Two Up Game is traditionally played on this day throughout Australia. Australia soldiers played two up during World War I on December 23, 1917 at the Australia War Memorial Museum. Two Up is played in New Zealand as well. Two Up has been legalized on Anzac Day and under the New South Wales Gambling Act of 1998, it is now legal to play Two Up on Anzac Day.

How is Two Up Played?

The game is basically a heads or tails game, usually played with pennies. There is a person, called the spinner, who throws two pennies in the air. Surrounding him are players who bet on whether the coins will land on heads or tails or heads and tails. Interestingly enough, these pennies have a white cross on the tails side, and are used specifically for Anzac Day every year.