Pennies from Heaven for One Liberty Slots Player

Once again, we are thrilled to report that a player at Liberty Slots Casino hit the $20,000 progressive jackpot. This enormous win was made on a 3-cent bet playing 7x Lucky 7s Slots. We congratulate Kim! However, sadly, she became a widow this year and we offer our sincere condolences. But someone was smilin' down on her when interestingly enough she had used the $2 bonus chip she had received from Liberty Slots Tournament as a consolation prize. So off she went to play 7X Lucky Seven and hit the jackpot close to midnight. Her comments about Liberty Slots Casino were mainly about how wonderful customer support is, and that she is respectfully treated all the time. For Kim, this jackpot was literally a life saver as she did not have enough money for her mortgage. But now she can rest easy now with her two children.