Pirates Tavern in 3D From World Match

Are you ready to set sail on the high seas in this awesome pirate adventure bought to you by World Match ? It's no easy ride being a pirate, weeks on end at sea with only water on the horizon and just a parrot to keep you company! When you get to shore you need to live it up a little and party in the nearest tavern, getting as much rum as you can get your hands on as you sing sea shanty's at raucous volumes whilst you mingle with the other bandit's of the seven seas. Pirate's Tavern takes you into the world of the pirate, however this awesome 5 reel online slot has a bit of a funny twist to it, making it a little bit of a change from other pirate themed slots such as Bluebeard's Bounty, Buccaneer's Bounty, Captain's Treasure and Ghost Pirates, all of which are great slots to spend a little time with if you enjoy slots with this theme. Pirates Tavern is 3D with some great graphics and symbols that bring the game to life such as the treasure chests, cannons, skulls and of course the taverns.

Pirates Tavern Game Play

Pirate's Tavern has everything you would want and expect in a modern online slot which includes free spins, a wild symbol and plenty of ways to make the game even more enjoyable. Features such as the auto play come in handy when all you want to do is watch those reels drop in the wins and bonuses and the fast play means you get the same excitement just at 100 mph. It also has a share on Facebook feature which allows you to post your results on the social media network. There is a ghostly atmosphere to the game but is offers up a whole lot of fun and when you stop by at the tavern you just can't help yourself but to try the host's special hot buttered rum that get's the party started. It's brand new to the market this week and we suggest you give it a try, it's fun and it's a great theme.