Resorts World Casino Breaks Revenue Records Again

The Resorts World Casino has again broken all national records for revenue with an average intake of $1.2 billion per month. This is a world class casino based in Queens New York where the management are making it easier and easier for players to get to the casino with new transportation networks being set up and even a free shuttle bus from the Jamaica station and a covered walkway from key areas and bus stops. The casino is located very close to the hub of JFK international airport and is very easy to get to with the public transport available. In 2012 there were over 10 million visitors to the casino and the management is working towards increasing that number substantially in the coming year. In addition to the amazing profits that this casino has achieved it is also a very community conscious casino with over 1% of the profits being donated to local community projects. All of the residents of Queens and New York hope that the success of the casino will continue.