Golden Blitz Slots

Golden Blitz is the ideal American Football gambling experience. Step out onto crisp turf and play hard to win the game with an impressive number of special features all wrapped into a nice-looking gambling experience. The slot is bright and sunny and should appeal to most football fans looking for a new game.

Excellent Opportunities on 243 Betways

There are 243 winning opportunities each time this slot is spun. The game has 243 paylines and each is active at all times. This makes wins occur frequently and it makes wins unpredictable as well. The game feels a bit chaotic because of this, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Small to Mid Stakes Options

The game demands players use 25 coins for every spin they complete. The minimum wager is set at $0.25 for this reason. The maximum wager is a decent $30.00 per spin, but it's not so large that it will appeal to high rollers. Gamblers who are only looking for mid-stakes opportunities can have a good time at this online casino, but high rollers may be disappointed by the maximum wager value. It's also disappointing how few wager adjustments there are, and it's difficult to bet with any accuracy without more options to choose from.

A Hold and Win Slot

Whenever three or more bonus symbols appear the game locks the symbols in position and respins automatically. It's possible to create intense winning combinations using this feature, and many players will come to rely on the payouts offered by this feature as they spend time at the casino.

Expanding Symbols

Symbols can expand to cover full reels and they will do so randomly as you play. Watch for symbols to spread out and take over as you're playing this slot.

Powerful Wilds

The wild symbols in this game lead to some of the largest prize payouts that you'll experience. You should watch for wilds and prepare to leverage them in any way you can. Use these special symbols to uncover bigger wins over time.

Four Random Jackpots

There are four jackpot prizes available when playing this game, and each can be won at any time. As you play you'll have a chance to win more than $1,000, even if you're wagering a small amount. The jackpots are a tool to help you win big, and you can always see how much they're worth as you spin.

Try it For Free

Golden Blitz is an entertaining game, but it isn't the type of slot that will appeal to everyone. Test-play the game free to see if it's right for you. The game is free to play forever and can be enjoyed at compatible casinos. Open it in demo mode and play for as long as you like to learn how the features work and what to expect.

By spending a few moments learning how the game works and testing it you can decide if you enjoy it or not. We had fun using the slot, but gamblers who do not enjoy football may not. Try it and see if the game appeals to you in test-play mode first.