Thai Blossoms Slots

What do you think about when you see the title Thai Blossoms? Clearly, you’ll want to see plenty of blossoms reaching their full glory in this slot game, and a Thai theme isn’t a huge stretch to suggest.

However, since we have some time yet before Betsoft officially releases its next slot game called Thai Blossoms, we can see what we might be able to figure out about it here first.

We have a glorious promo image to check out

It features the title in gold and a light purple color, with a blooming flower behind it. In the background, we have lush greenery, a couple of huts, and lots of trees, water, and grass. It all looks superb, offering the usual sublime graphics we have come to expect we’ll see from Betsoft.

Is this a five-reel slot?

We think so, yes. We have seen a few other potential facts revealed about the game, but since it is not yet available to try on the official Betsoft website, we are dubious about those.

They usually do release the demo for players to try ahead of the release date for the real thing. We’ll update you here when that goes live, which we expect it to do in the next few weeks.

Due for release on November 11th

Yes, it won’t be long before you can adjust your wagers and budget to play the real version of Thai Blossoms. Whatever it holds in store for us – and whether it is simple, complex, or somewhere between – we expect it to arrive at all online casinos offering other games from the Betsoft stable.

It's hard to tell at this stage whether the game is in 3D or not, although it does look promising. We do know that the graphics in the title image are crisp and clear, so even if they haven’t taken the 3D route this time, it’s still going to be a stunning entry into their existing collection.

Check back for our full slot game review soon

We’re keen to get our first spin of the reels for this game, so bookmark our site today to be sure of catching our review. We’ll put Thai Blossoms slots through their paces once we can.