Jungle Books Slots

The introduction to Jungle Book Slots is amazing. First, it tells you that you can win up to 250,000 coins. Second, it tells you there are five side characters with 45 feature combinations. Third, it announces a triple feature combination when two characters are present. Finally, there are five different game modes in Yggdrasil’s The Jungle Book online, and each one has 2 different bonus features. This slot game is produced by Yggdrasil, and if this is the type of slot games they produce – give us more! Jungle Book Slots can be played on your desktop and mobile devices.

Game Facts

Jungle Book is a 5-reel, 58-payline and 68-payline bonus video 3D slot. As mentioned in the opening paragraph, you can win up to 250,000 coins playing this awesome game. To the left of the slot, we have a young man who watches you play and then flies through the air using a vine. There is also an Auto Play button for you to utilize at any time. We do recommend you read the 11-page pay table as it will contain all the special features; show you the symbols, and their payouts. As you can see, the reels are set up in a unique way. This is what makes this game a truly exciting experience.

Characters and their Realms

There are 5 characters and each one has their own realm with 2 special features. As there are so many pages to get through, we will highlight each page.

Hosts and Guests

Realm Hosts are always present on the left side and award their 2 features. They can also leave a realm causing it to change which makes them become a guest. Realm Guests can appear and disappear at will on the right side of the slot with one feature. If you combine Host and Guest features, you will trigger the Triple Feature Combos.

Special Features

In this slot game there are: Wild Fruit, Random Multipliers, Sticky Re-Spins, Stacked Wilds, Synced Reels (this refers to adjacent reels of the same height that are synced to give the same result), Spreading Wilds, Win Both Ways, 3xs Wild, Honeycomb Bonus (get 400 to win 50,000 coins). The Wilds substitute for all regular symbols. There is a Super High Pay symbol, High Pay symbols, and Low Pay symbols.

Play Jungle Book Slots

To say this is an incredible slot game is putting it mildly. From 58 pay lines to 68 pay lines, along with the immense number of special features makes this slot game among the top rated slot games produced in 2017. The creativity and design of this slot game is unparalleled. Therefore, we invite you to play Jungle Book Slots at our recommended casinos.