Lotto Lucky Slots

Lotto Lucky Slots is going to be very popular among slot players because it is not only a classic slot, but has a Lotto Bonus feature in which a Bingo Game is one of the special features in this slot. This 3D slot is creatively designed to bring you the best form of entertainment. As a classic slot, it breaks all the rules and offers a myriad of special features.

About the Game

Lotto Lucky Slots is described as “a vibrant lucky charm” theme-based slot. And that it is. Here again, we have a slot game with no lines. This is also a Mega progressive slot as well. The Lotto Lucky sign is located to the right of the slot and with each spin, the smaller sign below will change. We recommend you read the pay table to view the symbols, payouts, general rules, and special features. Lotto Lucky has also been created for mobile users and online users alike.

Playing the Game

The Lucky Play symbol will be randomly placed on the reels for each spin. If you get this lucky symbol appearing 3 or more times on the reels, they will lock into place while the rest of the reels re-spin. This feature will continue until there are no more Lucky symbols left. The Lucky symbol will pay for the total number of matching symbols that appear on the reels, and the payouts are doubled. In this game you will find the Lotto Lucky Logo, and the Lotto Bonus symbol. We mentioned the Lotto Lucky sign to the right of the slot. Well under that sign is the Lucky Lotto smaller circular sign that changes with each spin. That is, it shows a different symbol every time. If you match that symbol, all heck breaks loose and you begin to receive huge payouts, and then taken to the Lotto Bonus Round.

The Lotto Bonus Round

Here is where players will have the most fun. On a second screen you will have a choice of lottery balls that when appearing, will award credits and multipliers and very large payouts. You will be able to select 5 balls to win these credits and multipliers. When you play the Lotto Bonus Round, get ready for some surprising results.

Play Lotto Lucky Slots

Another classic slot that will attract players to the casinos consists of some of the best features for this traditional slot game. Therefore, we invite you to join us and play Lotto Lucky Slots at our recommended casinos.