What’s the Basic Difference between Reels and Pay Lines?

The game of slots is usually played with many different reels and pay lines. Each slot has a specific number of reels and pay lines, and the player has to place a bet on one of more pay lines. The pay lines are shown at the beginning of the game, as are the number of reels. Depending upon the number of pay lins bet, the player can have a winning or losing position. When the player gets the number of symbols required in a winning combination, he emerges as the winner and can get back the amount he placed the bet for or more. The game might have reels ranging from three to five, depending upon the type of slot played.

The player can review the pay lines before he decides to place the bet and start the game. The denomination of each pay line is shown in detail for every player to view before placing the bet. The pay lines in a slot machine come in 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 or more reels with matching symbols to produce a winning combination. On the other hand a classic slot machine will have only one payline and 3 reels. The player can gamble on one reel or three reels per spin.

When the slot machine has many pay lines, the player can activate and choose to all the pay lines by increasing the bet or just choose not to play available lines.

In the reel slot machine the player has the choice to bet on one coin per line or even lesser according to his preference. So if there are five lines, the player can bet $1 on every line and that will be $5. And the payout of the winning line generally multiplies by the amount or size of the coin he choose to bet.

The video slot machine on the other hand has up to 243 pay lines, and the highest possible coin can range from 25 cents to $1 or more. The player can place a maximum bet on all five reels. Many video slots allow any player to join the game by offering the minimum bet as little as 0.01$. There is however no need for a maximum bet at each game. The choice of placing the bet on how many pay lines or the number of coins to use still rests with the player.

The payout table at the top of the slot machine determines how the payout is calculated. The payout table displays very clearly the prize amount according to the successful arrangements of the reel symbols at the pay line. Three possible payout amounts depending on the coins placed as bet are displayed. When you add or reduce the coins while betting the top to bottom column highlights the prize sums for the coins placed as bet. It is also helpful to read the pay table to view the payouts for symbols.

When the coin size is decided upon the player places his first bet and then followed by the pressing of the 'spin' button. Automatically the spin revolves when the button is pressed and comes to a stand still naturally. The pay line, which wins in the video slot game, is decided through various means. The winning combination is flashed on the screen of the game machine. As far as reel slots are concerned when three or more symbols match then you win the pay line.

And now, armed with this knowledge, why not to try to spin for real bucks?

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