The Passion for Gambling

Among all the things that make us feel alive and give our lives a good taste we can find the curiosity for trying new things and the passion for risk. As controversial as this subject may seem for one, actually it's something as normal as possible.

Some people are passionate by music, some by painting, some by dancing and some by taking their lives to extremes. And what can be more extreme than gambling your whole fortune on a single dice throw at an E-Check casino? Or investing all that you have in some shares?!

When you win, you feel like the master of universe. And when you loose, you feel your life is over. But, naturally, you start all over again.The taste for risking and gambling generally starts from an unexpected gain. You go to casino with your family or friends, you gamble and you win. Not much, but enough to make you want more and to persuade you to return and gamble again.

The first step, and the easiest to do, is to spend only the money that you have. If you win, you will continue until you will loose. "After all, you will think, I came here to play casino slots! Until I win a lot or I loose everything, I'm not going home!"

If you loose from the very beginning you can take some money as a loan from your friends, or you can start gambling on more important values, like your house, your car etc.

This is not a recommended thing to do unless you really know what you're doing and you won't feel your life is over in case of loosing. Or, even better, you can simply go home when you're broke. Responsible gambling brands, like Bovada emphasize in their casino school: "Never put your values at a risk - gambling is just like a drinking - if you have too much it's not fun any more"

What is indeed interesting about gambling is the effect that it has upon people's minds. Because it represents a high risk and it exists only due to good luck or bad, it creates a world full of new things for the ones that gamble. A world full of inexperienced feelings that overwhelm you. You feel you're a god when you win. You feel you can change your life and things can finally go the way you want them to. You feel you have a new way of feeling alive and you discover a way that really makes you feel human.

And all that because gambling takes you very fast from the highest summit of happiness to the deepest precipice of giving up.It's known that gambling causes addiction. It's like a fever: once you have it, it's almost impossible to get rid of it. You feel the need of doing it again, and again and every time you say to yourself: "This time I will win. Luck cannot be so far away."

There are people who won and lost more than we could possibly ever make by working. There are people who won more than they lost. And also people who lost more than they had. Gambling should not be criticized because it lays in human nature to wish things and to feel certain needs. And if some feel great by winning or losing money, well it's their choice. After all, it's their money and choice. It's very good in life to have things that we like to do and that give us the strength and the will to carry on. But it's also very important to know when to stop and when to continue. Because sometimes we can harm ourselves without even knowing what we are doing. But even like that, living a life full of adventures and taking things to the limits sometimes is one of the best ways that one can have to be happy.

Someone said: "you cannot win unless you risk". Important things in life never come for free. And the most important ones are very hard to get through work or they need a very high risk to be taken in order to obtain them.

It's as simple as that: you can work your whole life and try to become rich , you can gamble and win huge amounts of money on the spot or you can find another option, like investing or starting your own affair that might bring you benefits.

Each one of us chooses what best fits him. As advice, try, whatever you do in life, to choose the way that won't cause you regret. Because nothings destroys a person more than the regret of not doing something or the regret of having done something bad. And no matter how good and important your passions may seem, don't forget they also represent a weakness. Your weakness.