Savanna King XL Slots

Savanna King XL is a large version of the popular and beloved game Savanna King. However, it's not just that. There are different features, and some of those features include bonus spins and multipliers, so as you can imagine, there's a lot to dive into! This game is by Genesis Gaming, who started out their career producing traditional land based slots but has slowly branched out and learned to embrace the latest and greatest in gambling technology


This game has graphics that are easy on the eyes, along with animations that keep the game entertaining. There's a lot of action on these reels to say the least. The theme encompasses all sorts of animals, apart from just lions. The animal symbols are the premium symbols, while the playing card symbols are the lower paying symbols. This game has 1024 ways to win, and the game is laid out on a traditional five reels, four row format. To land a win, you have to land matching symbols on the reels starting from the left side. You'll need to land three of a kind to score a win. The betting range is more than decent, with the minimum bet option being $0.4 per spin and the maximum bet you can place is $40 per spin. This game is available to play in free play mode, aka demo mode, so you won't need to make any big commitments without taking the game for a test drive. The return to player percentage associated with Savanna King XL is excellent! It's 96.6% which is slightly above average, as most games land around 95 or 94%, sometimes even 92%. This is considered a high volatility slot game, and it's mobile phone friendly. That means you can play Savanna King XL on the go as you please.

Special Features

When it comes to special features, you'll need to dip your toes into the world of bonus spins, multipliers and more when playing Savanna King XL. The scatter symbols can be the key to riches. If you land three, four or even five of these symbols, it'll trigger something called Stampede Spins. If you trigger a Stampede, you'll be rewarded with free spins, depending on how many scatters activated the feature. If you land three scatters, you'll receive twelve free spins. If you land four scatters, you'll receive 20 free spins, and if you land five scatters, you'll receive twenty five free spins.

When the bonus spins begin, all wild symbols that land will come with an attached multiplier. The multiplier can be 2x your bet, 3x or 4x. The multiplier will apply to all wins, along with multiplying each other. Keep in mind the wilds only land on the middle reels though, so that means you can only land a maximum of three wilds in a row. There is also a maximum multiplier, which is 64x and that amount is achieved when you land 4x 4x 4. When this multiplier is added to your basic wins, you could walk away with tens of thousands depending on your bet!


This is a classic theme that will always have a built-in audience. Much like Egyptian slots or mythology-themed slots, savanna or wildlife-themed slots hold a special place in the hearts of slot players all around the world. However, the classic graphics and theme alone won't be the only draw. This game is bound to lure in players thanks to its multipliers, special features and bonus rounds. It's so well optimized for all devices that remotely any player could enjoy this game with little to no issues. Genesis Gaming really put out a winner this time, but I'm not surprised either. Genesis Gaming always does a great job with classic slots!