Orc vs Elf Slots

Orc vs Elf Slot is the story of a battle between Orcholme and Elveros. Depending upon who you side with can mean the difference between garnering large payouts. This slot game has been given the highest rating, and this is due to the many special features it provides for its players, including the popular 3D platform. So get ready for the battle of a lifetime when you play Orc vs Elf Slots.

About the Game

The introduction will show these two giant sized champions asking you to select one or the other. At the top of the slot you will find Fun Play and Turbo Play. This Game also includes AutoPlay for your use. To the left of the slot is the animated Orc, and to the right stands the animated Elf. The slot itself has a background in which Orc lives in a fortress whereas Elf lives in a Citadel. The fortress is quite dark, while the Citadel is akin to a fairyland type castle. The symbols in this game are dark as well; however, there are no card symbols. Yay! The help button at the lower right hand corner will take you to the Pay Table. We recommend you read it before playing the game.

Wild Symbols

Orc is the expanding wild and will appear on reel 1. He will substitute for all symbols to form winning combinations, except for the Elf Shield. Elf is also an expanding wild and he will appear on reel 5. He will substitute for all symbols except the Orc Shield to form winning combinations.

Scatter Symbols

When the Orc Shield appears 5 times on the reels, you will win up to 20 spins plus the Feature. When the Elf Shield appears 5 times on the reels, you will win up to 20 free spins plus the Feature. The scatter wins are multiplied by your total bet. There is also a Battle Bonus symbol as well. Note that if you get 5 of either the Fortress or the Citadel, you will win 1000 coins.

The Battle Begins: Orc vs. Elf

In this Battle, you may select to be either the Orc or the Elf when you enter the game. This character will be used for the Battle Bonus. After this bonus round is completed, you may choose again.

Feature Triggers

When you select the Orc, three or more Orc Shields in the normal game will trigger the Orc Feature. If you choose the Elf, 3 or more Elf Shields in the normal game will trigger the Elf Feature.

Feature Trail

There are seven Orc Features on the Trail to the fortress of Orcholme. There are also seven Elf Features on the road to the Citadel of Elveros. You may choose the featured that is triggered, or continue on your journey. If at anytime you choose to play the feature trigger, your trail will be reset.

The Trail to Orcholme

This trail has two features: Goblin’s Gold and the Hobgoblin Feature. In the Goblins Gold feature, 5 free spins will pay double. These symbols are called Darkling symbols and include Orc Shields, Orc Forts, Wolves, Banners, and Swords. In the Hobgoblin feature, it is the same as the Goblin’s Gold except there are 6 free spins and 2 scatters will award extra free spins.

More Features Are Coming!

There are several more features including the Final Battle. Because we don’t want to give the rest of the exciting features away, you can view the Pay Table after the Trail to Orcholme.

Play Orc vs Elf Slots

This slot game has more features than we’ve ever seen. To list them all would be disingenuous to our players. Therefore, since we have given you half the features, we invite you to read the other half in the pay table. They are absolutely awesome. We invite you to play this ingeniously designed slot game – Orv vs Elf - at our recommended casinos.