Oh Hell! Scattered to Hell Slots?

This slot game is so way out there; that one cannot even comprehend its theme. Yes, it's a theme about hell, but honestly, really? Whether you believe there is a hell or not, I cannot fathom that it looks anything like this, if it exists at all. Anyway, this is a Winning Free Spins Meter Slot game and luckily has only a free spins round. The symbols have their own multipliers as well. The music is dark and foreboding. There is music button you can turn off if you do like it.

Game Facts

Scattered to Hell is a 4-reel, 12-payline bonus slot. There is no jackpot due to the multipliers specific to each symbol. The coin size ranges from two cents to $200. In this particular case, spending $200 per spin on this slot is not worth it. Stick with the lower denominations and work your way up if you choose.

The Winning Free Spins Meter

For every consecutive non-winning spin, the meter will advance by 1. It goes from one to five. Once you reach 5, you will receive a free spin. If you do not win, you will get another free spins and so on, until you do win. Then the meter will reset back to 1.

Devilish Symbols

There are seven monsters that are supposed to represent hell. Each of them has their own multipliers. If you get the devil himself on all 12 lines, you will win 500xs your bet. Note that you must get five or more of the same like symbol to win any multiplier.

Play Scattered to Hell Slots

One of the things I pride myself on is that my reviews of slot games are genuine. I do not say I like a game when I don't. While, on the other hand, I will rave about a slot if I feel it offers the best of everything. Therefore, I can say with all honesty that I do not like this slot game at all. But there are slot players who will enjoy it, so take a deep breath and play Scattered to Hell Slots.